Cancellation, Refund, & Tuition Proportion policy


  • The learner's right to withdraw or terminate

    • We are here for our learner's success and support every step of the way, but we understand that a learner may not be able to continue or want to withdraw from Turing College in some cases.

    • A withdrawal from Turing College without owing any tuition or penalty fee can occur only before the beginning of Module 2. If learners withdraw sometime between Module 2 and the end of Module 4, they will be responsible for a pro-rata portion of their tuition. If learners withdraw or are terminated upon or after the end of Module 5, they will be responsible for paying back 100% of their tuition. See tuition proration chart below:

      • Turing College right to withdraw or terminate. Turing College can terminate a learner's enrollment or withdraw a learner at any time for failure to comply with policies in the Study Agreement & Student Guide. In case of termination from the Turing College side, the tuition proration policy will apply based on the program's termination timing. 

      • How to withdraw from the program and cancel an enrollment

        Learners can withdraw by contacting the Turing College team via Discord or by email to effective the day of the withdrawal request.

      • Tuition proration for tuition owed after withdrawal

        In case of a withdrawal, calculations of owed tuition will be made based on the chart below.

Module ended

% of Tuition Owed

Examples € of Tuition Owned (EUR based on 9000 EUR Tuitione

















  • How refunds work (only for upfront agreement students)

    If a learner withdraws from the program within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the first (start) day of the Turing College course, a learner has the right to a full refund of the paid One-off Payment or Installment Payments, which shall be paid back by Turing College. Unless otherwise indicated by a learner in writing, within 30 (thirty) calendar days.